Unicycling in Fursuit

The green skunk is moving! (Digitally)

After lengthy and carefull consideration I have decided to no longer use live journal as my primary blogging site. This decision is not a result of Live journal changing hands, the community, and certainly not caused by any of my friends. It's mostly due to an increasing amount of clutter in the LJ format, me wanting to host my own blog at my new (and currently under construction) site, and just wanting a cleaner slate in which to express myself. On top of all that I've found that as time goes on I am more interested in posting about projects and less interested in posting about my personal life. My account here will remain open and I will use it mostly to stay in touch with all of you that I have grown to be friends with (and others that I choose to stalk ;) - you know who you are)

My new blog is hosted at http://blog.brianweis.net , It just has a default word press theme for now but I expect to be making some fun changes later on. If you are interested in keeping up with what I am up to I invite you to peek in every once and a while and possibly make use of the rss feed option. If blogging and projects are not your thing, no worries, the blog is not necessary to maintain contact with me. I believe most of you have my contact information and if not by all means let me know and I will get it to you.

Thank you all for the interest, the support, and the memories, so long!

UPDATE: Thanks to schnee for creating a syndicated feed of my blog so that it can be added to an lj friends page! brianweis_rss *hugs a wolf*